Terms & Conditions



After Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows has received the resevation request, Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows will inform you within 48 hours, by email, about the availability of the bungalow/villa for the requested period of time. After your confirmation to rent, Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows will accept this request as a booking. The booking is final as soon as the down payment of 50% of the total amount (within one week after confirmation or otherwise agreed by Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows) has been received by Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows through the Dutch bank account or Paypal. After receiving the down payment of 50%  Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows will send the voucher for your stay. If payment is not received in time,  Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows may terminate the agreement and is free to continue to rent. Bookings, when made within three weeks before the start of the rental agreement, the total amount must be paid immediately.  Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows will inform you by email. Payments are made by transfer to our Dutch bank account or to Paypal. Specifications will follow.


Cancellation charges are due:

* up to 3 weeks before rental period of 50% of the rent

* within 3 weeks before the rental period, full rent.  Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows recommends a travel and cancellation insurance

* if guests of  Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows are not arriving or are too late of leave before the end of the tenancy, there will be no refund

* we advice you to have a travel insurance


The data description of the accommodation nad surroudings are personal and subjective. Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows is not liable of descriptions and impressions.

Guest shall indemnify Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows for third party claims for damage to persons or property.

If third parties are engaged by Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows,  Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows is not liable for any damage caused by third parties.

Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows van only be held liable if damage is due to gross negligence or willful misconduct of Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows.


Check in time arrival: from 15:00 hours, check out time: 11:00 hours

Guests have to deliver the bungalow in time and in the same condition as the start of the rental period.

In case of any damage or loss the guest should inform Starlight Restaurant & Bungalows to prevent further damage. Any loss or damage caused by guests will be charged to the guests and shall - if necessary - be recovered from guests. The associated costs will be born by guest.